Super Pop Art

Things have calmed down a bit now so I’d better give a report about the PopArt superhero all dayer. We were rather pleased about how our covers of Brainiac’s Daughter and That’s Really Super, Supergirl went; we worked on them specially for the gig and it was the first time we played them in front of an audience, and probably will be the only time. Two superhero-themed XTC songs back-to-back – what a concept!

Another first for us: our gig got reviewed. It’s strange to realise that one is public property now. I mean, if you put yourself out there, play live, have websites and the like, then people have a right to talk about you I suppose. It’s just very weird to have strangers do it without any prompting from you!

Anyway, more gigs should be coming up in the autumn so I look forward more reviews.

Hong Kong In The 60s on stage at PopArt

Thanks to Simon Scott for taking lots of great pictures of us! See them here.


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