Anna May Wong Must Die!

Anna May Wong in Piccadilly

We found out about this event at Lucky Cat’s Singapore Sling club night last week and it looks set to be a heady mix of decadence, politics and unmitigated glamour.

An Anna May Wong themed night with film, music, drinks and debauchery.

Glamour, sex, beauty, fame – Hollywood legend Anna May Wong had it all. She was the most famous Chinese woman in the world during the 1920s and 30s, and yet she struggled to get decent parts while white actors played the juiciest Chinese roles in “yellowface”.

Film critic Jasper Sharp, of the website Midnight Eye, introduces a screening of Piccadilly (1929), her best known British film.

Writer and performer Anna Chen presents an illustrated reorientation of Anna May Wong. Extending her recent BBC Radio 4 profile of the actress, Celestial Star of Piccadilly, Anna reveals how Wong and the Chinese were depicted in films and what they were up against during Yellow Peril fever in this personal appreciation of the world’s first Chinese movie star.

Shanghai sounds from Resonance FM Lucky Cat DJ, Zoe Baxter.

It’s on Tuesday 26 May, from 7:00pm, at the Roxy Bar & Screen.  See you there?


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