Marisa Berenson

I recently watched Stanley Kubrick’s wonderful Barry Lyndon, and, as well as being blown away by how great the film was, I was utterly mesmerised by the stunning lead actress, Marisa Berenson. I had previously admired her beauty and excellent performance in Cabaret, but in this film Kubrick helped her create a truly unforgettable performance. She was a hugely successful model and actress in the 1970s and has an extremely interesting biography, with a fascinatingly aristocratic and esoteric family history – her maternal grandparents were an Italian fashion designer and a psychic Swiss Count! More recently, her sister Berry Berenson, also an actress/model and the widow of Anthony Perkins, tragically died in the hijacked American Airlines Flight 11 on September 11, 2001.

Here are some photos of her from the film, as well as her memorable appearance on The Muppet Show in 1978. There is also a great selection of beautiful photos from her time as “one of the highest paid models in the world” at one of my favourite blogs, Child of the Moon.




3 thoughts on “Marisa Berenson

  1. She is also in the wretched Casanova & Co. with Tony Curtis along with other Euro beauties of the era: Silva Koscina and Britt Ekland.

    • Cheers, just reading about that and it sounds well worth a look, if only for curiosity’s sake! Some very interesting stuff on your blog btw.

  2. I’ve seen Barry Lyndon recently, and I was fascinated by the charming beauty of Ms. Berenson portraited by Kubrick. The other photo of her from the Seventies are great. Good article, thanks for share the funny video!

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