Indietracks 2009: Hot Picks!

Our anticipation of the forthcoming Indietracks festival grows with each passing day. I am sure you’re probably already familiar with the music of this year’s stellar headliners (Camera Obscura, Au Revoir Simone, Emmy The Great AND the legendary Teenage Fanclub!), so here are a few of my other picks for potential festival highlights:


Fitness Forever are an Italian outfit who seamlessly integrate elements of almost all the good music of the last forty-plus years into their energetic, yet sumptuous brand of perfect pop. That mainman Carlos shares his name with the coolest footballer ever doesn’t hurt either.

“Quando ho tempo” by Fitness Forever


Next up, Modular are a duo from Argentina whose music suggests that they share many of our influences. Their sound calls to mind such classic touchstones as Stereolab, The High Llamas, “Friends”-era Beach Boys and Jean-Jacques Perrey, all delivered with the sort of effortlessly laid-back cool that is probably only possible if you hail from Buenos Aires rather than Berkshire and East Anglia.

“Picnic en el arco iris” by Modular


Barcelona’s Cola Jet Set are a classic Elefant band, purveying the sort of hook-laden Continental cutie-pop for which the label has rightly become famous. The band even entered their wonderful song “El sueño de mi vida” in the competition to represent Spain at Eurovision 2008, and, if there was any justice in the world, we think they should have won.

“El sueño de mi vida” by Cola Jet Set


Last, but certainly not least, the globe-trotting Hong Kong pop duo The Marshmallow Kisses have achieved lots of success in their home country, but this will be their first ever live performance in the UK. Such is our love for this band that our very own Tim will in fact be helping them out on keyboards at Indietracks!

“Everyone Else Is Ahead, Far Ahead” by The Marshmallow Kisses

Of course, this list barely skims the surface of the multitude of musical treats to be enjoyed at this year’s festival, but hopefully it gives you a taster of some of the great stuff on offer. See you there!


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