Willow Pattern Tarts

egg custard tarts

You may remember that I made some egg custard tarts for our EP launch party a couple of weeks ago.  Well, I baked up another batch today and thought I’d share the results.

For the party I used readymade all-butter puff pastry from the supermarket but today I made my own sweet shortcrust pastry, part-baking the cases before adding the custard.  Having tried both, I’d say that the lightness of puff pastry works better, especially for bigger tarts – plus you can make funny improvised palmiers from the leftover bits of pastry.

The recipe I’m using as a base is for Portuguese Egg Tarts from the Asian food blog Rasa Malaysia.  Although the traditional Portuguese pastel de nata differs from the Hong Kong egg tart somewhat in presentation, it can hardly be a coincidence that Hong Kong’s close neighbour Macau was once a colony of Portugal.

My tarts aren’t quite Portuguese or Hong Kong-style but they are definitely delicious!


3 thoughts on “Willow Pattern Tarts

    • I used an ordinary muffin pan but you can buy special tart baking tins from cookery shops. Readymade pastry cases for making pies and tarts are available in supermarkets but they are big ones!

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