What’s on your desk?

I found this drawing yesterday when I was going through my notebook collection.

things on my desk January 2006

In January 2006 I was living in Oxford, working at one of the university libraries, and this drawing shows some of the little friends and objects that kept me company then: a blue plastic IKEA lamp, a knitted bird, a stuffed owl, a bottle of black Pelikan ink and a French ukulele-playing bear on a Japanese business card.

Alberto Manguel, writing in The Library At Night, understands the importance of those things we choose to line our dens with:

The stories that unfold in the space of a writer’s study, the objects chosen to watch over a desk, the books selected to sit on the shelves, all weave a web of echoes and reflections, of meanings and affections, that lend a visitor the illusion that something of the owner of this space lives on between these walls even if the owner is no more.

It’s nice to know that even though that desk and that study in Oxford no longer exist, I have a record in this little drawing of who and where I was back then.


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