Indietracks 2009: In glorious medium format

I took my trusty Kodak Brownie Cresta II with me to Indietracks and here are a few of my photos.

I love the soft, dreamy results you can get from the combination of 120mm film and an old camera.  This Cresta II was only £2 from a car boot sale and is still marvellously sturdy despite being about 50 years old.


station master

St Saviour's church

Tim on board restored diesel train

sky and sunset

Sure, a digital camera is much more convenient in almost every way but you can’t beat the feel of analogue things – the ritual of loading real film, getting it processed and looking at the surprises printed on a 6″ square.  And you definitely can’t beat the analogue squelch of a Casiotone keyboard!

I promise we’ll shut up about Indietracks now.


One thought on “Indietracks 2009: In glorious medium format

  1. Cool pics! I recently inherited one of these cameras and have been busy snapping “vintage” photos. Fantastic!

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