Feng Fei Fei: Autumn Lotus

I was going through my parents’ old cassette tapes last week when I found this gem by Feng Fei Fei:

Feng Fei Fei album cover

I remember my mum always listening to her pop tapes and reading the Chinese newspaper on the sofa when I came home from primary school.  My parents never really got into CDs so I tend to really associate cassette tapes with Cantonese and Mandarin music.

Feng Fei Fei cassette tape

While this album, You Jian Qiu Lian, doesn’t have as much nostalgia value for me as some of the other tapes that I dug up, I have been listening to it a hell of a lot and it sounds amazing.

The opening track on side one, You Jian Qiu Lian (See The Autumn Lotus Again), is my favourite and it alternates delightfully between haunting melancholy and jauntiness.  One of my other picks is the chirpy second track, Xiao Lu Shang (Up The Small Path).

“You Jian Qiu Lian” by Feng Fei Fei

“Xiao Lu Shang” by Feng Fei Fei

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you anything about Ms Feng except that she likes hats and is still touring.  Here’s a picture of her from the tape inlay.

Feng Fei Fei inlay photo

If I find any more good tapes, I’ll let you know!


4 thoughts on “Feng Fei Fei: Autumn Lotus

  1. I actually have the same tape. Bought it when I was visiting HK in 1980, along with others by Shen Yan, Teresa Teng, Yu Ya and Siu Li Zhu.

  2. hello

    i love these two songs.. do you think it’s possible if i can get it? any way for me to download the song from you? please let me know.. i can’t seem to find it anywhere else..

    thank you so much

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