Another look at salted lemons

salted lemon and seltzer

Back in June I prepared some salted lemons in order to recreate my favourite Hong Kong drink from the restaurant Cha Cha Moon, salted lemon Sprite.  The chopped lemons have been stewing in their jar for well over the minimum one-month period required to preserve them and it’s high time to show everyone the results.

glass of salted lemon lemonade

Pour some proper sweet fizzy lemonade, like Sprite or 7-Up, over a few chunks of salted lemon, add ice and it’s all ready to drink up.

salted lemon rind

The lemon (now all gooey and a sort of brown colour) slowly disintegrates in the glass, releasing blasts of astringent saltiness as it breaks up.  Poke it with a spoon!

salted lemon murk

What lies beneath?

Note: the Boylan Bottle Co. lemon seltzer shown in the first photo, while having a very pretty bottle, is entirely unsuitable for creating this drink with.  Trust me.


2 thoughts on “Another look at salted lemons

    • Glad you found it! Let me know if you’re successful and if you have any tips.

      I think you can try drying the lemons out in the sun before salting them.

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