More from Feng Fei Fei

After last week’s post about the Feng Fei Fei tape that I found at home, I unearthed another album by that hat-loving singer in my parents’ collection.

Feng Fei Fei - Hao Hao Ai Wo album cover

Feng Fei Fei cassette tape

The Tony Wong Company certainly knew how to brand its products – even the cassette box was embossed with the logo!

The stand-out track on this tape is definitely the opener, Hao Hao Ai Wo (Love Me Well). It’s one of Feng Fei Fei’s big hits and this light, breezy version from 1981 is, in my opinion, the best.

“Hao Hao Ai Wo” by Feng Fei Fei

There’s an excellent and detailed official website for the singer (all in Chinese, of course) with lots of nice pictures and an 8-page discography (running from 1972 to 1997) which I recommend for all the cool 1970s LP covers.

I managed to winkle a few pertinent facts out of that website about her life and work.

Feng Fei Fei 鳳飛飛 (real name: Lin Qui Luan) was born in Taiwan in 1953. She came to attention in 1972 not as a singer originally but as an actor in the TV series Yan Shuang Fei 燕雙飛 (Pair of Flying Swallows) and it was from this role that she took her stage name Feng Fei Fei, which roughly translated means flying phoenix. She sang the theme tune to the series and in the same year released three albums. As well as putting out records on a regular basis up until the 1990s, Feng Fei Fei also acted in many further TV series and films and did a number of commercials.

Feng Fei Fei and her hats

What’s the deal with all the hats? As a bit of a tomboy, Feng Fei Fei didn’t feel comfortable with the fancy make-up, high heels and sequinned dresses that are a diva’s stock in trade and preferred to adopt a more casual, relaxed style – t-shirts, jeans and flats. One day she tried a black cap with one of her outfits and the public, surprisingly, were totally wowed. Ever since then hats have become her trademark. Apparently she has over 400 in her collection and they are all taken care of scrupulously.

Feng Fei Fei is undoubtedly one of the classic Chinese/Taiwanese pop stars and has an enduring following, not only in Taiwan, but in much of South East Asia. Sadly, there are no more of her albums lurking among my parents’ tapes but you can find plenty of Feng Fei Fei material on YouTube.


6 thoughts on “More from Feng Fei Fei

  1. I actually have the same tape. Bought it when I was visiting HK in 1980, along with others by Shen Yan, Teresa Teng and Siu Li Zhu.

  2. New to Chinese pop/cabaret but liking it very much. Just discovered Feng Fei Fei, super. Any other genre suggestions please.

    Thanks, Edshed

    • In terms of music of similar period/style to Feng Fei Fei, we’d strongly recommend Teresa Teng, Rebecca Pan and Tracy Huang. If you’re interested in earlier stuff too, then Woo Ing Ing, Yao Lee and all the other Shanghai Divas are brilliant as well.

  3. Well, i just watched her concert at Genting Highlands on 20/11/10 She put on a superb show, singing, talking n dancing Very sportingly, she encored twice to her supportive audience Despite her age, she still looks not much different Amazing, the way she maintains herself She’s still very slim

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