International pop megamix

We recently put together a selection of tunes from around the globe for Proper Songs. There’s some new music, some old music and some underappreciated gems on there. Please enjoy!

Listen on the Proper Songs blog.


  1. Sivuca – Você Abusou (I’m Free as a Bird)
  2. Starbuck – Moonlight Feels Right
  3. Mantler – Private Doubts
  4. Burt Bacharach – Hasbrook Heights
  5. Carlos Lyra – Canaã
  6. Joyce and Milton Nascimento – Tema Para Jobim
  7. Sylvia Telles – Canção da Volta
  8. Jacqueline Taïeb – Petite Fille Amour
  9. Tracy Huang – 美麗人生
  10. Fitness Forever – Quando Ho Tempo
  11. Ennio Morricone – Ninna Nanna in Blu
  12. Nara Leão – Rapaz De Bem
  13. The Marshmallow Kisses – 回憶旋轉舞步

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