Creepy fun with Chapi Chapo

Chapi and Chapot tip their hats

Chapi Chapo is a French animated series which began in 1974 and ran for 60 five-minute episodes.  It was created by Italo Bettiol and Stephano Lonati. Most importantly for me, it was scored by fantastic soundtrack musician François de Roubaix, who has created a jolly, synthy, strangely creepy world of sound for these grotesque behatted creatures.

Chapi and Chapo reveal their faces

Last week, while charity shop crate-digging, I found a tatty 7″ containing a version of the show’s incredible theme tune.  This find has inspired me to make my own edit of the all-too-brief original theme, which as far as I can tell is not currently available to buy in its own right.  I’ve extended it and made it much easier to dance to, and have added some occasional mellotron flute.  I’d like to offer it to you as an autumnal treat.

“Chapi Chapo Theme (Tim’s Edit)” by François de Roubaix (download)

More Chapi Chapo music here, and there’s plenty of stuff on YouTube too, if you’re interested.


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