Jin deui for Christmas

The best thing about Christmas is undoubtedly the food. It’s cold and wet outside, there’s nothing good on television so what better time for some messing about in the kitchen?

This year my aunt came over and, amongst other treats, we made a big batch of jin deui (煎堆), the fried sesame seed balls found in many Chinese bakeries.

Jin deui have a long history and are said to have originated some 1,300 years ago in the Tang Dynasty when they were a treat enjoyed only by the imperial household.

The filling for ours is made from lotus seed paste, which looks very unappetising in its tin. Black or red bean paste, however, can also be used to make jin deui.

a tin of lotus paste

Note: it’s Golden Cock brand. I love the utilitarian packaging.

lotus past tin packaging

The lotus paste is rolled into little balls and then wrapped up in balls of dough made from glutinous rice flour, sugar and water.

balls of lotus paste

balls of rice flour dough

We’ve got a little production line going here.

making jin deui

The filled balls are rolled on a plate of sesame seeds to get an even coating.

jin deui in sesame seeds

jin deui before frying

Then they’re ready for frying.

jin deui frying

The jin deui turn themselves over in the hot oil as each side gets fried. Easy.

finished jin deui

All that remains is to eat them up while they’re still warm and a tiny bit gooey.

Ching He-Huang has a recipe for chocolate sesame balls that will give you a good idea of how to make your own jin deui, whatever filling you choose. Anyone want to try peanut butter?


One thought on “Jin deui for Christmas

  1. finally i knew what’s the meaning of jin tui..in fact ar..i don’t really know this small fried ball dessert call jin tui..hahahaha …although i am chinese…

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