I Strongly Desire This Stupid Toy

The Korg Monotron. It’s an analogue monosynth with a real filter and two oscillators for under 50 Euros.  The catch is that it’s about 6cm wide.

It does have an external sound source input, though, and this excites me greatly.

I wasn’t joking about the size.

PS. Work on the debut Hong Kong In The 60s album is progressing very nicely.


3 thoughts on “I Strongly Desire This Stupid Toy

  1. I suppose you could have a stylus on stage to help you play it. And it would be nifty to hold up and show the crown–“Look what I’m playing!” in the palm of your hand….

    Woohoo for the album! Are you planning to put “Lights” on it? That’s my favorite song of yours….

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