New songs

We’ve been spending the last few months working on our debut album, My Fantoms, and here’s a sneak preview of four of our new songs. I hope you enjoy them and let us know what you think!

Thanks to Matt Lyne (of Diskotopia and A Taut Line) for his inspired keyboards on the track “You Can Take A Heart But You Cannot Make It Beat”.


16 thoughts on “New songs

  1. Ditto Dave–I really like “You Can Take A Heart,” “Softly Sung,” and “When You Were Dreaming.” Great!!! Like the beeps and boops, and your voice 🙂

  2. Mei Yau, you’ll be happy to know that I zipped over to City Lights during my lunch break and picked up a copy of My Fantoms the book. Anyone praised by Baudelaire and H.P. Lovecraft — and who gained notoriety for wearing a red vest — is cool by me. Thanks for the recommendation! ;D

  3. Dear Mei Yau, congratulations on new album, really haunting songs and lovely electric-haze music. So glad you liked Gautier’s My Fantoms, I translated it long ago while living, broke but happy, in Paris (see my two Intros in the NYRB edition). Also intrigued by your title Footsteps…Richard Holmes.

    • Wow! Hi Richard!

      Thanks for taking the time to listen. I’m a big fan of your Gautier translation. I do have the NYRB edition and really enjoyed your illuminating introduction and postscript.

      It’s just an amusing coincidence that our previous single was called “Footsteps” though, I’m afraid! I look forward to seeking out a copy of your Footsteps soon – it sounds like just my kind of thing.

  4. Very lovely songs. 🙂 I especially like the bossa sound in “You Can Take A Heart Cannot Make It Beat”… But the other are also very good, and they’re all very deep. ♥ I hope the new album will be avalaible also in itunes.

    • Thanks very much for the nice comment and for listening, Camille. The album should be finished pretty soon, and we are planning to release it (on iTunes and elsewhere) later this year.

  5. Such gorgeous new songs ! That album can’t come soon enough now !

    I must also check out that Gautier book … it looks like my kind of read !

    • Hey Bart,

      Nice to hear from you, hope you’re well. Really glad you like the new songs, hopefully you shouldn’t have too long a wait for the album to be finished! We highly recommend Gautier too, I’m sure you’ll like it!

  6. Just finished My Fantoms last week. Wow… talk about l’amour fou! I can’t remember the last time I had such a delirious and intoxicating read. Congrats to Richard Holmes for the superb translation and thanks Mei Yau for the recommendation!

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