Textures of the old school

Last weekend my old school held a grand reunion. Unlike most school reunions, this was not so much a chance to catch up with old classmates but more a last chance to commune with the building. The school’s two old sites, Luker and Wormestall, are being turned into apartments (as is the trend in the UK with many lovely old school buildings) and a new establishment fit for the 21st century is in the process of being constructed.

Seeing those classrooms and corridors, that mish-mash of architectural styles and those colours and textures again was truly an incredible experience. I hope you don’t mind me sharing some of my memories.

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3 thoughts on “Textures of the old school

  1. That’s a beautiful old building, I hope they retain some of that “mish-mash” of styles internally. I like the stair cases.

    As an aside, I’m looking forward to getting my copy of the Study Series. Any chance you might sell your other albums outside of the iTunes shop?

    • There had been rumours that the school buildings would be demolished but I assume that only the 1960s and 70s bits are being torn down. Still, the interiors will all be erased no matter how the developers treat the facades.

      I hope you enjoy the Study Series – are you getting it on 7″? Our releases are available at places besides iTunes; for example, you can buy on Amazon, eMusic, Boomkat, Bleep, Play and probably a few other online retailers too. I think that Rough Trade will have copies of both the Willow Pattern Songs EP CD and the Study Series 7″.

  2. I think it’s probably a common happening all over the world – we lose these wonderful buildings built from the 50s through to the 80s because they’re just not old enough to be considered “heritage” yet.

    I’ll be doing my best to get it on 7″, I recently got a few albums of vinyl and it reminded me of how much warmer it all sounds. I’m low on funds at the moment so I’m hoping they don’t all sell out before I can get my own copy! Thanks for the tip on Rough Trade, I’ll give them a go.

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