New Download EP!

As of today, you can download our new EP, a little something to keep you occupied until our debut album (pretty much finished now) comes out early next year. The EP is only available on Bandcamp and features an exclusive remix by The Advisory Circle. What’s more, for now at least, it’s totally free! Hope you enjoy it.


4 thoughts on “New Download EP!

  1. Thanks for the songs! They’re all really great, but I especially like “Garma” and “Disintegration”. Looking forward to your “debut” album, although can you really call it a debut after all you’ve put out so far?! 😉

    • Thanks Dave, always good to hear from you, and glad you like the tracks! Our album has certainly had a lengthy gestation as far as “debuts” go, so will be great to finally get it out there!

    • Hi Wayne, really glad you’re enjoying the EP. Unfortunately, we can’t afford to release anything on vinyl right now, but we definitely hope to put something out on record eventually.

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