Ephemeral Xmas 1: Russian Greeting Cards

According to Wikipedia, ephemera is “transitory written and printed matter not intended to be retained or preserved.” I like to retain and preserve it.

This week, I’d like to share some Christmas-themed ephemera with you, starting with these old Soviet Russian greeting cards (50s to 70s) which I found at a car boot sale. They appear to be a mixture of Christmas and New Year cards, but I’m afraid I’m no expert in Russian.

That’s the wonderful Cheburashka in the final card.


2 thoughts on “Ephemeral Xmas 1: Russian Greeting Cards

    Paz volti pritstavitsa,mine zavoot Craig, ja Ametrikanietz./May I introduce myself. my name is Craig. THANKS or sharing these wonderful cards from the past.I particularly like the lettering style on these New years greeting cards that say: “C Novim Godom!” ~ Happy New Year.Liked the wood block blue and white bonrder aroudn old style Imperial cyrilic bLue centered in the middle oval~ the best ~ Card number 4 . THese are special memories for many.. I was brouhgt up to believe that Memories not shared are history lost forever” …you’ve earned a gold star for saving history and sharing those memories.
    Zhilayoo Udachem!/ continued success to you in the new year!.:)CRAIG

  2. Thanks so much for your message, Craig! I’m really glad you like the cards.

    I was delighted when I found them, as I think this era of Russian
    design is so evocative and nostalgic – and I’ve never even been to


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