Ephemeral Xmas 4: Rudolph sheet music

The decline of printed sheet music in the early 60s robbed the world of a source of beautiful and imaginative designs, but the hole was filled by the rise of the 12″ vinyl album. Now even CDs are dead, and we look at musical artwork on our little mp3 player screens. It’s sad.

Here’s an adorable illustration of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, from a small bundle of sheet music I bought this summer on the Isle of Wight. Click for bigger version.

More (non-festive) sheet music sleeves coming soon.


One thought on “Ephemeral Xmas 4: Rudolph sheet music

  1. My grandmother used to have a large stack of these & other such books. She played the electric organ, and Christmas always involved sitting in the sun room, in 40 degree (c) heat while she played the classics for myself and my sister. I used to look at the covers.

    Thanks for sharing! Have a swell Christmas/New Year.

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