Ephemeral Xmas 7: The Creepy Story of the Christmas Card

I have a marvellous book from 1939 called The Story of the Christmas Card, written by George Buday. In addition to such passages as

“some trick cards of the naughty nineties took advantage of the ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ay vogue and other means of showing in cardboard and print the hitherto too much hidden curves of the female leg and secrets of underwear.”


“Many of these efforts to achieve a multipled effect of the beautiful viewed from our modern platform of good art and design, are indeed ridiculous, but some of us, who possess a more charitable attitude towards even modest attempts at creating beauty in past times and fashions many prefer the adjective, pathetic.”

it contains some impressively odd old Christmas cards:

The book ends on a forward-looking note with this lovely Saul Steinberg design:


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