Scala Forever

This week, we were delighted to find out about Scala Forever, “a season of films reliving the legendary Scala Cinema’s programming history and celebrating the current repertory film scene in London”. The season lasts from August 13th until October 2nd and is taking place at lots of different venues across London. Pretty much every single film that is showing is amazing, but here are some of our must-see picks:

Morgiana / Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders: a double-bill of classic Czechoslovakian dreamscapes.

Liquid Sky / Cafe Flesh: two bizarre and ultra-stylised sexy sci-fi films, as featured in our Bible, Destroy All Movies!!!: The Complete Guide To Punks On Film.

Profondo Rosso / Tenebre / Opera: three films by our favourite director and one of our biggest influences.

All three of these events are at The Roxy, a lovely bar/venue with a decidedly Lynchian vibe. We’d also strongly recommend the Portobello Pop-Up Cinema‘s screening of Russian/Armenian masterpiece The Colour Of Pomegranates and a stellar line-up of homoeroticism, sensuality and, erm, Glen Or Glenda at the Rio Cinema. All in all, should be a great couple of months. See you there!


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