It’s The Taking Part That Counts

It's The Taking Part That Counts compilation cover

We were very pleased to contribute a track to this 26-track compilation on WIAIWYA celebrating the 26 Olympic sports. Of course, we plumped for table tennis as our chosen sport!

There are some really super tracks on the compilation and you can score special gold, silver and bronze editions of the double album through WIAIWYA’s Bandcamp. It goes on general release on 28 May 2012. There is also a blog about the compilation here, where you can find further information about the contributing artists and their tracks.

Here’s the tracklisting:

  1. Saint Etienne – Steeplechase
  2. Jeff Mellin – Hit Me!
  3. One Fathom Down – Exodus
  4. Hacia Dos Veranos – The Way Of The Hand And The Foot
  5. The Vatican Cellars – A Palpable Hit
  6. The Leaf Library – Badminton House
  7. Linda Guilala – Morir Ahogada
  8. Flotation Toy Warning – The Buoys Are Back In Town
  9. Fox – Behind Enemy Lines
  10. Town Bike – Tour De Force
  11. Darren Hayman – Bundle
  12. Hawaii Fried Dough – Tumblebee
  13. Hong Kong In The 60s – Let’s Play Table Tennis
  14. White Town – Theme For Olympic Weightlifting
  15. The Sunny Street – Steffi
  16. Alexander’s Festival Hall (feat. Yazuyo Uemura) – Judo (What We’ve Been Playing)
  17. Sool – Handball
  18. Hannah Peel – The Bully
  19. Band À Part – Cascabel
  20. DJ Downfall – Shoot It Shoot It (Hit Me Again)
  21. Monster Bobby (feat. Desmond Tutu) – Stanley Could Turn On A Tiki (A Football Song Of Praise)
  22. MassiveAnneFrank – Transition
  23. Parenthesis… – Synthesised Swimming
  24. Ellis Island Sound – Ergo Squad Box
  25. The Libero – The Regal Drug
  26. High Barnets (feat. The Butterflies of Love) – Danny’s Got A Good Shot

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