7777777: New 7″ coming soon!

WIAIWYA 7" cover and insert

We’re really happy to announce that our next release will be a record for the WIAIWYA label’s 7″ singles club, coming out on 7 April 2013.

just 77 copies of each single is available individually, but subscribers will get all seven 7 inch singles; 14 exclusive tracks by 7 bands, one on each day of the week, and always on the 7th of the month, in hand cut 7 sleeves and in limited editions of 777

Pre-order now on Bandcamp to make sure you get your copy!

Here’s a preview of one of our tracks, Terre des Hommes 1967:

It’s going to be rather special and we can’t wait to see the vinyl, with that marmalade sleeve and amazing papercraft insert, in the flesh.


4 thoughts on “7777777: New 7″ coming soon!

  1. Just ordered my copy too. It will take a special place of honor among my vintage 45 collection (many of which are literally from Hong Kong in the 60s). Love your new track!

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